The New Independent Party of Iowa is actively seeking individuals who would like to be on the ballot in 2016. I have had a meeting with the new Secretary of State election supervisor and she has given me, in writing, the go ahead to have us hold an electronic convention (email) to place people on the ballot in November. The deadline for submitting those names and supporting documents is August 19th so please let me know immediately if you are interested as we will will need everything in by the 17th to get our submission organized.

In 2014 we got a few people on the ballot but because I misunderstood some details we had a number of students who did not qualify under their rules. Specifically people running for Iowa House need to be 21 years old and have a minimum of 10 electors or half of precincts in their district. (So 10 emails.) State senators need to be 25 years old and have 20 electors or half of the precincts in their district. (20 emails) US House candidates need to be 25 and have 50 electors or half of the counties in their district. US Senator candidates need to be 30 years old and have 250 electors from 25 counties. County offices like county supervisor, county treasurer, county auditor all require candidates to be 18 years old and have 10 electors or half of precincts in county represented.

For our electronic convention each email submitted will count as an elector. Electors do not need to be a member of the New Independent Party. Electors do not need to change registration as a voter. Electors do not have to promise to vote for our candidates. Electors are simply saying that they approve of our candidates to be on the ballot in 2016. The email that represents each elector must contain their name, full street address and county they are a resident. Each elector must be at least 18 years of age and be a US citizen. We hope to have a number of candidates on the November ballot and I ask that you copy the below form, fill it out and return it as one of our electors to the appropriate email address. Let me know if you also wish to be a candidate.

What do we look for in candidates? We want good honest people who will promise to be problem solvers in representing all the people of their district, our state and our nation. We are not looking for fancy pants, two faced, silver tongue egomaniacs with their own agenda. We do not require our candidates to follow any predetermined political platform but to use their own judgment in representing their district.. As a general rule we hope for candidates that will be fiscally responsible in wanting balanced budgets, lower government costs, lower taxes and less intrusion into our private lives and businesses. On social issues we tend to be more moderate and progressive in realizing that the world is always changing. We want to be good stewards of our earth. We want to be our brothers and sisters keepers. We want to see businesses that are profitable enough to grow and increase jobs and wages. We do not believe that government should be a cradle to grave endeavor or that we should expect to turn to governments to solve all problems. In fact, we believe that the public is better served to solve most problems. We want governments to set laws, policies and standards in protecting its people but not be involved in every daily act or deed. We believe that America and most countries are in serious financial, political and social trouble and what is needed most are new directions from rational open minded problem solvers. (Like my students.)

Our candidates do not raise money or spend money. (We are not bought and paid for.) The local, state and national organizations raise funds and spend money as a cooperate team effort. Our candidates do not get involved in negative campaigns or statements against any opponents. Our candidates, if elected, promise to limit their time in government to 12 years.

So how can we win any election? For one, there are more people in Iowa registered as independent or no party than there are registered Democrats or Republicans. (710,000 independents, 690,000 democrats and 670,000 republicans) We do not need lots of money to win. We need to organize and lead by example. Our logo is a lion. It is time to roar. Lead, follow or get out of the way. It is the year of the independent.

We have several directions that we want to show leadership. We are actively organizing New Independent Credit Unions in Iowa. These new credit unions will offer up to 6% interest on savings. The deposits that come in will be used to invest in local community businesses and new jobs. We want the deposits to be backed by some reserve of gold. We want to create token coins with real copper, silver and gold embedded in them so their real value is connected to a real commodity and not fiat, paper money. We want to move to the improved version of Bit Coin as an international money system. Each credit union will also be involved in providing services like financial planning, business planning, legal, real estate, insurance, travel, retirement planning, and even personal counseling.

Check us out at www.newindependentcreditunion.info

A second direction is our New Independent Learning Centers. We will have close to 100 courses at the CEU and ILU levels by the end of this August. Their average cost is $40 per unit. Some are less and some are even free. I invite you to take my free video course “The New Independent Party Approach” https://youtu.be/dltQsC2x-WY The cost of higher education has created serious problems for students and families. We see better options. Check us out at www.newindependentlearningcenters.info

Check out our websites





My students have been involved in the creation of these websites. We want to start in Iowa but grow nationally and internationally. You can be a part of all of this if you are interested. I have taught for over 45 years and never have I been more concerned about the future. Will there be an economic collapse this fall. Will it be World War III? Will it be some environmental collapse? Will it be some rogue visitor from space? We need new leadership. We need young people to be involved. Please get involved at least in copying and returning the below form so we can get good people on the ballot in Iowa in 2016. Thank you. Jim Hennager (I will appreciate your feedback and an update from you.)



As a citizen of Iowa I submit this ballot giving my approval to have the candidates of the New Independent Party of Iowa, as listed on their website at www.newindependentpartyiowaiowa.info on the November 2016 election ballot.


Full Address_________________________________________________________

County ___________________________________________________

Send to ballot2016@newindependentpartyiowa.info or jchennager@gmail.com

(no later than August 17, 2016)


Item: We are actively seeking County Chair people to provide leadership in each Iowa county. Please indicate your interest to admin@newindependentpartyusa.info These positions may turn into paid salary positions.

Item: We are actively seeking volunteers in each county also.



The New Independent Party is hiring members to recruit new members. We will pay active supporting members twenty percent of all new members fees for as long as they remain paying members and maintain a membership chain of communication. Active supporting memberships donate at least $10 a month so if you are a supporting member and recruit new members you will receive $2 per month for each new member. Invite your family and friends. There are over 700,000 independents in Iowa and over 70 million independents in the United States with limitless independents worldwide. Go to social media and recruit. If you recruit 1000 new members you will receive $2000 a month for as long as they pay monthly dues. This residual income can be part time from your home as an independent contractor. See any of our websites for more details:

To become a recruiting member you need to first write to us and register so we know who is recruiting and where to send your monthly income.  You will also need a CODE to give to the people you recruit so we know who to pay.  Everyone that is a Active Supporting Member  (those that give $10 a month or more) are welcome to become a recruiter and get paid twenty percent of the membership dues that come in from your new members.

One of our goals is to find more income for our members and this is one of those options.  We welcome members to also recruit as it is how we plan to grow our members.  You will be helping yourself and the New Independent Party at the same time.   Write and send questions to:




Issue # 1 WE ARE ALL CONNECTED August 29, 2015

Update: New Independent Party: We are hiring.

The New Independent Party is hiring members to recruit new members. We will pay active supporting members twenty percent of all new members fees for as long as they remain paying members and maintain a membership chain of communication. Active supporting memberships donate at least $10 a month so if you are a supporting member and recruit new members you will receive $2 per month for each new member. Invite your family and friends. There are over 700,000 independents in Iowa and over 70 million independents in the United States with limitless independents worldwide. Go to social media and recruit. If you recruit 1000 new members you will receive $2000 a month for as long as they pay monthly dues. This residual income can be part time from your home as an independent contractor. See any of our websites for more details:




Update: New Independent Party: We are growing.

The New Independent Party is looking for leaders in all fifty states and any country willing to help organize and grow our organization. These positions may start as volunteers but our plan is to have paid staff in all by 2016. We have committed $2 per member per month to support these salaries. We want quality candidates in all 50 states and in many countries by 2016. Contact us for a life time challenge: admin@newindependentpartyusa.info

Update: New Independent Learning Centers: We have courses to offer, 26 free courses.

We are up and running with seven courses available for personal and professional development and many more to come. Our goal is to provide high quality learning at very affordable costs. Six of these course have a $40 per unit cost and 26 are FREE courses. Instead of college credits we offer CEU’s and International Learning Units. We need students participating for two years before we can apply for accreditation. Come sign up for our free course, “The Earlier Beginnings of the New Independent Party”, which actually has four units that are all free.  SEE COURSES BELOW

Check us out at: www.newindependentlearningcenters.info

You should be able to click on the below links. If it does not work just cut and paste the link into your browser.  All of these courses are offered free but please view them for your own interest.  Thank you.

(1) New Independent Party Approach #1

(2) Government Numbers

(3) Global Warming Part One

(4) Global Warming Part Two

(5) Caution on Call to Arms: The Chin Video


(6) Mainstream Bias

(7) Chaos, Crisis, Bubbles, and Balance

(8) Exceptionalism: False Pride Before a Fall.

(9) Inequality, Poverty, Zero Sum, Non Zero Sum


(10) Who Are We? Where Did We Come From?

(11) Creation, Evolution and Levels of Civilization

(12) Peace Highway


(13) Peace Villages

(14) Space, Earth, Water Solutions

(15) Reform, Restructure, Prepare


(16) Micro Farms


(17) To Your Health


(18) To Learn Or Not Learn


(19) Your Money Your Way


(20) Justice and Transparency


(21) Immigration: The Dark Video

(22) Weism: A Religion For the Future


(23) Being You in a Modern World

(24) The Upside of Down: Personal Problem Solving


(25) Living Life at 1000 mph



Update: New Independent Credit Union: Take our survey to start your credit union.

We want to organize nonprofit community owned New Independent Credit Unions in every county and country. We want these credit unions to offer four to six percent interest on your savings. We want your money to be used locally to support new businesses and jobs in your community. We want a no fees approach to banking. We want your money backed by gold for security. We want to issue coins made with silver and gold so they never lose their value. If we have excess funds at the end of the year we want you to share in these as a member. Take our survey and let’s get started. Www.newindependentcreditunion.info

Update: New Independent Association: It is all up to you.

The New Independent Association is the umbrella organization for people wanting a better future in their government, in their economics, in their learning and in their community. This association is new but we would like to develop a small business association to support new businesses and jobs in your community, micro farms to grow organic safe foods for you, local labor exchanges and local cooperatives for buying goods and services. We are interested in New Independent Health and Wellness Centers someday. We are also interested in bringing forward strategies for a Peace Highway, Peace Villages, non zero sum mutually beneficial futures for everyone. Come join us, be a part of the future.





MAY 18, 2014

Iowa has a new independent party. Jim Hennager, cheer leader and head coach of this new independent team announced today. “Iowa actually has more independent voters that either republicans or democrats, and if you added in those that usually don’t bother to vote we potentially have a whopping majority. The independents have never felt they had a viable alternative choice in the past but now we ask them to join with the New Independent Party of Iowa.”

“Our goal is to run 100 Iowa House, 25 Iowa Senate, governor and all statewide administrative offices, 4 US House and a US Senate candidate in this falls election. Most Americans and Iowans think politicians are about as popular as used car salesmen, mainly because to get elected they have to take money from special interests. Its like a race car driver having to go around and get sponsors to pay for their car and stamp on the sponsor’s logo, but in the case of politicians we usually never get to see who is sponsoring them or what they want in return for their money.”

“We will be different as all of our candidates will run as a statewide team and everyone will pledge not to raise or spend any money, (NO MONEY FROM SPECIAL INTERESTS) as all campaigning will be done from the state organization. We also will pledge not to be involved in any negative advertising or campaigning; as well as voluntarily limit our public service to 12 years in any office. We want good people who only want to represent all of their neighbors to run for office.”

“We want to be the party that looks at real facts with an open mind and strives to work together to find common solutions to the problems our state faces today. The number one problem we see is the high cost of government. In 1970 the total cost of state and local government was $2 billion but today the total cost has risen to almost $34 billion, while the state’s population has hardly grown. We believe it is the special interests and their money that have grown the cost of government in Iowa. We believe that special interests should have their voice heard but not their money. Our goal will be to find ways to reorganize, consolidate, eliminate waste, and streamline all government in Iowa.”

“For every dollar we can save we will see five dollars returned to Iowa communities. We believe it is the high cost of Iowa government that is responsible for half of our counties losing population, half of our towns are now under 500 people and down to a gas station and sometimes a post office, half of our high school graduates and half of our college graduates have to leave Iowa to find a job. We invest $10 billion a year in Iowa education and yet half of our schools can’t meet competency standards; and possibly 20 countries score higher than our students do in math and science.”

“We plan to change all of this. We want Iowa to be number one in the nation and in the world in education. We have a new and exciting plan for Iowa’s public schools and universities.”

“Our education plan can not come at a more crucial time as the average age of our teachers in 58, the average age of our factory worker is 58 and the average age of our farmer is 58. In the next ten years we will need hundreds of thousands of new bright, competent, hard working people in Iowa. Our first priority is to find good jobs for Iowa graduates so they can stay in Iowa.”

“Another major problem we see is that Americans and Iowans have come to believe that government has to find the solution to every social economic problem. We do not. Our county service centers will be organized to help find jobs for those that can not find one. We will help train them if they need skills. We will offer college credit courses at $30 a credit to help them. We will organize county credit unions with no fees and pay 4 to 6 percent interest on savings accounts to get money to turn in each county. We want to see a 1,000 new diversified micro farms in every county and 1,000 new businesses in every county within ten years. We grow enough corn and beans in Iowa. We need to grow more people and families across Iowa. We have plans to do these”

“Come take a look at our Vision for Iowa. Finally Iowans have a viable alternative to the same old same old. Check us out at www.newindependentpartyiowa.info.”

This news release is submitted by

Jim Hennager

Nevada, Iowa



September 1, 2014:  We had some interesting weeks in August.  We had about ten students who indicated that they were interested in running for office in November.  We had sent out over 5000 invitations to join us in a statewide electronic convention.  We had to have a minimum of 250 delegates from 25 counties to gain ballot access.  We started July 19 and closed on August 15th (which was the deadline)  with 261 supporters from 3o counties.  We did not reach these numbers until August 13th which then left only a few days for candidates to get their candidate paperwork in and at the end we had five who had all of their documents ready by the deadline.  Several either mailed their paperwork and it did not arrive in time or were not able to get their paperwork to me in time.

Of the five who did submit their candidate paper we had three that were disqualified on a technical issue that I was not aware of as nothing had been mentioned in any of the paperwork given to me prior to our convention, but I was shown the issue was in the Iowa Code and it was sad that these three were disqualified.   Two students however were accepted for ballot access.

Spencer Highland will be on the ballot for Secretary of State.  Spencer was a student of mine a year ago in Ames.  He is a pre-med student and a member of Iowa’s National Guard.  He turned 21 this August so he is one of the youngest candidates for state office in Iowa history.  His main issue is the unfairness of age discrimination against 18/19/20 years in that they can vote and die in the military but they can not buy a beer, gamble, rent a motel room or sign a contract.  Young people under 21 also can not run for either Iowa House or Iowa Senate which means they pay taxes but are not represented.  Taxation without representation.

The second student is Levi Benning who also was a student of mine last year in Ames and is a agriculture engineer student whose family is in farming.  He will be on the ballot running for Secretary of Agriculture.  He is 26 but also one of the youngest candidates to run for state office.   His main concerns are  to create more opportunities for young farm families in Iowa and to improve our record on cleaning up Iowa’s streams and lakes as well as improve our soil conservation.

We have two additional candidates that will be on the ballot.  I will be on running for Governor and my Lt Governor is Mary Krieg from Des Moines.  The governor candidate is required to have a Lt Governor as a running mate and they both must be at least 30 years of age.   This age requirement was a bit of a problem as most of my students are much younger than 30.  We were very fortunate to have Mary Krieg step forward and volunteer to run as my Lt Governor.  There will be a bit of history making in that it will be the first time that Iowa will see two PhD’s running for Governor and Lt Governor.  She is very qualified and our appreciation to her.

There was a period of time in which there could be contests against our candidates and we did not finally get the word that the four candidates would be on the ballet until August 25th.  So we are off and running with four candidates for this November 4th election.  We all have pledged not to raise any money or spend any.  Which means we have no money for fancy advertising but we are developing a social media strategy and we hope people will help us by sharing our story and our VISION to their friends and neighbors.  We can always use volunteers to help with this social media campaign.  Just write and let me know.  Thank you.    Jim Hennager   jchennager@gmail.com




By Jim Hennager PhD

New Independent Party Iowa

www.newindependentpartyiowa.info   jchennager@gmail.com 


September 1, 2014

There is an interesting irony that we have two millionaires running for Iowa governor this year with the two major parties. Both have made their fortunes in Iowa. Both see Iowa as a land of milk and honey. They both want to represent those Iowan’s who make over $100,000 a year, live in houses worth more than $300,000, own farms of more than 500 acres, have a second home on the lake, have investment properties that give them residual incomes along with their pensions and high salaries. This is the rose side of Iowa. The fact that less than 20% of Iowan’s control over 80% of wealth, assets and incomes in Iowa doesn’t bother them because these are the people that give them the most campaign contributions.

They know about the other 80% of Iowan’s but they do not see us. How much can anyone having trouble paying their electric bill give to these millionaires? The thorn side of Iowa are the people who live paycheck to paycheck, whose credit cards are maxed out, who do not have any savings or any money set aside for retirement, who live on fixed incomes such as social security, disability or are trying to make it day to day on part time jobs, food stamps or unemployment.

The one millionaire who is going after his sixth term as governor wants everyone to believe that Iowa is doing great. He tells us that we have the one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country at 4.6 but just because he does not want to count all of the people who need good full time jobs does not mean there are not real people who need them. We do not believe his numbers. We believe the real unemployment rate in Iowa (those people who need a good full time job) is more likely 10.6; and if we counted the number of people who are underemployed we believe the number is closer to 20.6. He says in one of his ads that 1,548,000 people are employed now in Iowa but we believe the only way that is possible if he is counting eleven year old’s selling lemonade. He says he has lowered the cost of government but the state financial reports show the the total costs of state government has actually risen every year for the last three years. He says that the average income for Iowan’s has gone up but the actual per capita income for Iowan’s has gone down. He is right that the average income for his 20 percenters has gone up but for the thorn side of Iowa they have gone down.

The government is saying that inflation is not a problem at 2.6 but my hamburger has doubled in price in the last year. My gallon of milk is now more than a gallon of gasoline, and gasoline remains at historically high prices. The value of my dollar has probably lost half its value in the last ten years and most of this has come from the rise in agricultural foods and energy costs. Where have the millionaires been in keeping the real costs of living down for us? What they don’t count they can’t see.

I am a college professor and I tell my students if the numbers do not make sense or the facts do not support the numbers then someone is trying to deceive you. They need to investigate and find out what the real numbers are, which is what Iowan’s need to do. If we can not trust the numbers they advertise what about the revenue projections they use, are all of the state bills being paid on time, are they using accepted accrual accounting practices? Can we ever really trust someone who makes up numbers to make themselves look better, or someone that has made his fortune off of government funds?

The rose politicians can duke it out to win over their 20 percenters. They can travel around Iowa to visit with their choir of contributors but they both need to visit Oelwein, Iowa. I graduated from this community in 1966. The only word I can think of today is “sad” for what has happened to this town and hundreds like it in Iowa. Sure Iowa has grown in five or six cities and counties but it has done almost nothing to benefit 90 counties and 900 communities. Over half of our counties are losing population and growing older. Over half of our towns are now below 500 and many do not have the tax base to replace broken water mains and sewer systems today. The average age of our teachers is 55. The average age in our factories is 55. We have farmers who are 72 and can not get off their tractors. Over half of our high school seniors and college graduates have to leave the state to find a job. We spend over $10 billion a year on education and we lose half of them. If this sounds like milk and honey to you I think you are living in the same fantasy world these millionaire politicians are living.

We think these politicians should be more concerned about Iowa’s thorn people. After all there are more poor folk in Iowa than rich folk. If the thorn people should ever wake up then we might see some real changes in Iowa.

The New Independent Party Iowa wants to represent everyone but our main concern is with the low end of people in Iowa who are not being represented today. We want to see an increase in the state minimum wage to $10 and a 25 cent increase every year there after. We want to see laws to limit the profits of pay day loan providers. We want to see limits on banks making their profits from service fees rather than the interest off of local loans. We want to see real jobs created that are above the poverty level. We want to see 100,000 new farm families over all 99 counties on micro farms over the next ten years, and followed by 100,000 real jobs in retail, manufacturing and services.

We want to see real reductions in the cost of government in Iowa. We want to see Iowa government reorganized into nine regional administrative centers instead of 99 counties. We want to see nine regional school districts and nine regional institutions of higher education. We want to recycle 100 percent of Iowa’s garbage and use some to generate the lowest cost of electricity per person in the USA, along with using wind, solar and bio mass strategies so that 80 percent of Iowa’s energy comes from renewable resources by 2020.

We want our nine institutions of higher education to make it possible for students to attend college and have it paid for with part time jobs from thousands of incubator companies surrounding them. We want the cost of higher education to come down with caps on salaries and the reducing of administrative staff.

We want to see real improvements to Iowa’s public education model. We want students going to school eleven months from 8 to five. We want to move to master teachers, four year learning cohorts, computerized individualized competency based learning. We want all teachers paid on the same pay and benefit matrix across the state. We want teachers on school boards. We want all school districts to have the same per student allocations. We want to see the end of social passing and we want a higher funding given to English as a second language services. We want teachers paid significantly more.

Iowa is great at growing corn, beans, hogs, cattle and chickens but we are not keeping pace with the rest of the nation on growing people. (This is why we keep losing US House seats.) We have only added 200,000 people in the last fifty years. Iowa needs more people. We need immigrants. We want to welcome people to Iowa from around the world. We want to welcome refugees whether they are children from the border or families from the Middle East. We want to create legal pathways for any undocumented workers in Iowa. As long as they are hard working, not breaking laws, pay taxes, and take good care of their families we want to welcome them to Iowa. We have no brown skin paranoia.

Have you ever wondered what kind of government Iowa might have if the money influence of special interests were not a factor? Well, the New Independent Party Iowa voluntarily pledges not to accept any money from any special interests. In fact, our four candidates have pledged not to raise or spend any money to get elected. We support term limits and limits on committee chairs. We support referendums and petitions. We even support the right of individuals to legally smoke marijuana if they want to, and to use the taxes generated to pay for addiction programs and our education plan.

In the past independents in Iowa had to chose between the lessor of two evils but this year they can join a real independent party who wants to lead Iowa in new directions with more across the board prosperity for all Iowan’s. We want more income equality for Iowa, and the other millionaire candidates should be concerned because at 698,872 there are more registered independents than registered democrats or republicans, but do not tell them. Let them find out November 4th.

Check our VISION for Iowa out at www.newindependentpartyiowa.info. Thank you.


New Independent Party Iowa

News Release

October 1, 2014

Jim Hennager PhD

Candidate for Governor

Nevada, Iowa


Micro Farms for Iowa

Since the 1970’s the world has seen a mass migration from rural to urban areas. Most of these people, and mostly young people, wanted a chance at a better life in the city. Most of these ended up in shanty towns and unemployed. Governments in many countries developed micro farm strategies to lure young people and young families back to the land, often giving loans to buy small acreages and livestock to give these families a start.

We have seen the same migration from rural to urban here in the USA and in Iowa since the 1970’s but for different reasons. Iowa lost several hundred thousand farm families in the late 70’s through the 1980’s but not because they chose to leave but because they were forced to leave. Agricultural economists like to say they left because of economies of scale allowing larger farms to produce for less and with larger profits they were able to survive and grow. These economists like to say that this was inevitable and a good thing as the best farmers survived and the weak did not. We strongly disagree with them.

We believe that there were many good farmers, farmers who had never missed a mortgage or a loan payment, who got caught when the Federal Reserve raised the prime interest rate, and interests on loans went from 7% to 17% and even higher. We saw federal financial institutions and local banks refinance, foreclose, and stop providing credit to thousands of good farmers. When they could not buy livestock or seeds by borrowing money many farmers were forced to sell. When their farm mortgage was refinanced at much higher interest rates many farmers were forced to sell first parts of their farm and then entire farms or they were forced into foreclosure.

None of this had anything to do with economies of scale. It was pure politics and supported by the federal government and large agricultural companies who wanted to deal with fewer farmers. The farmers who survived were usually those that had bought and paid for their farms before the high interest rates hit. They were the lucky ones and have benefited greatly as they picked up farms that were foreclosed on or sold by their neighbors.

We now see an Iowa with over half of our counties losing population where the average age is close to 50 with many farmers now in their 70’s. Young people are leaving these counties in mass, while economic development is only happening in maybe ten counties and ten cities in Iowa. The remaining 89 counties are dying on the vine in Iowa.

The New Independent Party Iowa believes that we can grow Iowa’s rural counties again by implementing a micro family farm strategy. We can grow corn, beans, hogs and cattle but what is needed is to grow more families in rural Iowa. We do not believe government even needs to be the prime mover but the following strategy needs to be started right away.

First, the New Independent Association wants to organize New Independent Credit Unions in all 99 counties that will offer 4 to 6 percent interest on long term savings. With these funds they will finance micro farm development by arranging loans of 6 to 8% to New Independent Farm Cooperatives. These local cooperatives will work with aging farmers to arrange long term leases or purchases of large tracts of farm land.

An example would be to work with a farmer with a 640 acre farm in a trust agreement to allow the Coop to divide the land into 24 ten acre plots an the perimeter and keep the center 400 acres for crops. Each of these 24 micro farms would then be contracted to new families with a guaranteed monthly income plus 50% of the profits from their efforts.

Each micro farm family would decide what mix of agriculture products they would specialize in to create profit centers. These could be any mix of over 20 different livestock and greenhouse crops. All of their crops would be managed by computerized models to control costs and sold through forward contracts with their Coop.

In addition to free housing, free food, no start up costs and a safe place to raise their families these micro farm families could expect to develop profit center models to be guaranteed a base of $2000 a month with the potential to earn another $24, 000 or more a year in profit sharing with in their Coop. The New Independent Credit Union would provide management and financial support to these new farm families. The New Independent Association’s college credit program would provide online courses and hands on applied learning to the new farm families.

Over ten years we do not see why each county could not support 1,000 new farm families and across Iowa 100,000 new families in rural Iowa. As these new families buy groceries, school supplies, clothes and cars we see another 100,000 people moving to rural Iowa to support these farm families. Schools would grow. Churches would grow. Towns would grow again.

It comes down to what do we want for Iowa? Closed businesses, closed schools, closed churches across Iowa or a vibrant place for hundreds of thousands of Iowans to raise their families. We want the latter and if anyone is interested in working with us on land or interested in becoming one of these new micro farmers please let us know. We are ready to begin. We do not need to win in November. Iowa can win if we would be willing to give it a chance.

For more information check out our website at www.newindependentpartyiowa.info or write to me at jimhennager@yahoo.com. Thank you.


October 22. 2014

News Release

New Independent Party Iowa

Jim Hennager

Nevada, Iowa





October 26, 2014



I am Jim Hennager from Nevada, Iowa. I am a candidate for governor of Iowa. I am on the ballot along with my running mate Dr. Mary Krieg of Des Moines and two of my former students, Levi Benning for Secretary of Agriculture and Spencer Highland for Secretary of State. Our New Independent Party Iowa is brand new. It came out of my sociology classes. I asked them to look at the social, economic and political problems in Iowa and then in teams come to some consensus solutions that can be recommended. These solutions then were displayed in the student created website at


I then asked them if any were interested in actually forming a new political party in Iowa and willing to run for public office. Young people are the least likely to vote and I wanted to get them involved. At least a dozen stepped forward and said they would run this fall, if I would agree to run for governor. I said I would and we spent most of this summer writing emails and setting up social media to get on the ballot by means of a historical Electronic Convention, which the Secretary of State accepted but not one news outlet has as yet mentioned this precedent setting pathway.

Due to a technical fault only two of my students running for statewide offices were accepted but a number have remained interested enough to be on our website as write in candidates. I continue to be very impressed with the young people in my classes. Unlike many “older” Iowans I have no fear that tomorrow’s leaders will come from these young people and we will be in good hands. My greater fear is the stupid things my generation has done to America may cripple their chances.

My students or I never expected to win in this election. Our purpose was to get a wide number of new ideas out into the public discussion, ideas that are not being brought forward by either of the two major parties. These ideas were not put into our VISION for Iowa because we thought everyone would agree with them.

In fact, we realize that many of these ideas are out in front of most Iowan’s and may come across as very controversial. We endorse reducing the overall cost of government in Iowa by moving to nine regional government centers instead of the 99 country governments we have today, along with reducing to nine regional school districts, nine regional institutions of higher education, nine centers for law enforcement, nine centers for recycling Iowa garbage and providing renewable energy.

We like the idea of putting teachers on local school boards to reduce the negotiating tensions as well as move to a statewide matrix of equal teacher salaries and benefits. We believe Iowa can be number one in education but only if we are willing to move to new learning strategies. We believe Iowa needs new immigrants and we should be welcoming them in our schools, industries and service sectors.

We want to see clean streams and lakes as well as drinking water in Iowa and we do not believe it will happen by voluntary means. We would like to see thousands of new micro farms and small diversified farm operations so we can grow people in all 99 counties in Iowa. We would like to see Iowa have the lowest cost of electrical energy in the nation by moving to 80% coming from renewable resources.

We want to see out of state students as well as international students have the same tuition cost to encourage them to come to Iowa but we want them to stay after graduation rather than use them as cash cows. We want strategies for work and study that will allow thousands of companies to attach to Iowa Institutions of Higher Learning to offer part time jobs that will pay for college so our students and parents do not have to borrow on many loans.

How many ideas like these are you getting from the major party candidates? Iowa’s young people are very aware that there are better options for Iowa’s future. You would be surprised how many of my students in this semesters classes say they are wanting to move to Colorado and not just because they have legalized marijuana but because they see Colorado as being more open to change and the concerns of younger people.

We endorse the legalization of marijuana, for a number of reason. We think there are many people in Iowa who would benefit from the medical use of marijuana and if this drug is not more dangerous than alcohol why is it illegal? I do not support putting anything unnatural or foreign into one’s body unless there is a very good reason but at the same time I believe people have the personal right to make their own choices in life if those choices do not effect other people, so this issue comes down to personal responsibility. I also believe marijuana is the gateway revenue source for organized crime and why not tax this product to benefit addiction and education in Iowa rather than give so many profits to criminals? We can do better than arresting and locking up people who chose to use marijuana.

You may have seen my last news release where I called for the boycotting of your newspaper along with KCCI and Iowa Public Television. I know that you are a for profit organization and can print anything you chose, the same with KCCI. After a call to Iowa Public Television in which the programming people told me that they were not going to run any special addition for Iowa’s independents, such as they have done for the last 30 years I was very angry and frustrated. I honestly believed that Iowa’s news people would be more open minded and fair with their coverage of independents. I asked the program person if they were aware that there are close to 700,000 registered independents and no party voters in Iowa. I asked them if they did not receive public tax dollars to support their programming and if 700,000 Iowans was not a large enough segment to warrant any attention. I was told that they have new people who do not believe they do.

I was angry. I wrote the news release and sent it to 30 or so people to get their feedback, which ran the range from “go for it” to “you will look really stupid if you run this news release”. I decided we had nothing to lose. It was a Hail Mary. Sometimes you have to poke the bears.

Out of the news release I have gotten one news paper who called and asked for an interview. I invited them to come to my home. I told him I lived in a mobile home in a mobile home court here in Nevada. I am not a millionaire. I do not live in a million dollar home by the lake, but I do live in a five bedroom, 5000 square foot double wide home with a double car garage, two green houses, super energy efficient with passive solar heating and it is right next to a beautiful little pond that this morning has almost five hundred Canadian geese on it.

I do not know what the young reporter will write or if his editor will even allow a story to go to print, but he and I spent over two hours talking about Iowa and politics. I suspect he agreed with almost everything I shared with him.

I see this morning that your paper has not endorsed either of the major party candidates for governor. Which I think was the smartest thing I have seen from your paper so far this year.

I invite your editorial board to come to Nevada, it’s about a twenty minute drive out of the big city. Come to my home by the pond and let’s talk about Iowa, politics, young people, and the mess we have in Washington and here in Iowa. You can print whatever you want or nothing at all. But I will appreciate knowing you have a fair bone in your corporate body and the guts to talk with someone that does not raise money from any special interest or pay you for advertising; but may have some very good ideas for Iowa’s future.

I live at #317 on 10 Maple Ave here in Nevada. My phone is 515-598-2256 and my cell is 515-817-3727. My email is jchennager@gmail.com

When is the last time Iowa had two PhD’s running for governor and Lt. Governor?. Actually in all fairness the other independent candidates may have some good ideas to share as well.

Jim Hennager PhD and candidate for Governor



  1. We do support raising the minimum wage to $10 per hour immediately and 25cents per year there after in Iowa.

  2. Moving from poverty to sustainability requires providing more educational and training opportunities for those in poverty. I see Iowa educational grants for low income individuals and for inmates so they can learn skills to get good jobs. I see more economic incubators at Iowa’s colleges and universities to provide part time jobs to students who are willing to work and study to get a degree and a better job. I see more opportunities for part time and low wage workers to get better jobs by offering tax incentives to companies to hire these workers when they need more workers.

  3. I see the need for medical care of low income families but I am not in favor of the Health Care Act as it has come to us. This act was put together to benefit insurance companies and hospitals and not individuals. We had medicare, Title 19 and a number of hospitals who had a mission to help disadvantaged people. The problem came about because over two million people were taking bankruptcy each year with an average medical debt of $30,000 so it was the hospitals and medical community that gave big money to politicians to get a rule that everyone had to have health insurance, which has never happened. So basically we have the same situation but the bubble has moved a bit higher to middle class.

    I have always recommended that we move to a regional health care system that uses the medicare money to subsidize health care for all who need it in each region. Forget insurance for low income people and provide it free but not by individuals and claims but by regional services.

  4. I believe safety nets are important to keep but I believe they need to be better managed. It is too easy to allow the expenditures from these programs to get out of control. I believe in balanced budgets and these programs need to be in set budgets and prioritized accordingly. I suspect that the Health Care Act along with Social Security and medicare/medicaid could bankrupt American in the next twenty years. Balancing budgets is a tricky situation but I would rather see the military and intelligence budgets reduced and these dollars used to bring low income families up by safety networks that work to get people off them and not permanently tied to them.

  5. Education is critical to helping disadvantaged people and this can take the form of high school education, career retraining and college level programs; but at the core the people that need these training opportunities need to be able to handle them and work hard to achieve results. Programs can not lower their standards to accommodate people who have not taken education seriously before or who expect to be passed because of their race, religion or ethnicity. We actually need to raise the educational standards in Iowa, longer days in class, more requirements in math and science, go eleven months out of the year and we need more support personnel in languages other than English. The educational reform from last springs legislature was a joke. We need to look at learning and training from the 21st century perspective so we are producing learning that will be effective in today’s job markets, not for 1970. Iowa can be number one again but it will take a strong will to move in new directions and providing for people at the bottom to move up has to be a part of this move.

  6. I see no problem in using a combination of public tax money and private contributions to fund programs. These programs usually are the most successful. I do not believe that we should depend on government to solve all of our social/economic problems. Citizens need to be empowered and trained to do much more. I know of communities that have organized to find jobs for all of their welfare mothers and did it. I believe employee owned companies and cooperatives can be formed to help give job opportunities to everyone.

  7. I believe one of the biggest problems we have today is the influence of special interest monies in campaigns and in legislation. In fact it would appear that we may lose democracy if this trend continues if we have not already lost it. Very few countries allow the kind of corruption and bribery that we have legalized in the United States. We should limit the amount that someone or companies can give to candidates. We should limit the amount of time people can campaign. We should not allow secret PAC’s and organizations to give money for ads without letting everyone know the contributors. I am in favor of our state and federal government sponsoring websites and even literature giving all candidates and political parties an equal opportunity to share their ideas and credentials. I am also in favor of having government give a budget to candidates in exchange for not taking contributions. There are things we can do to correct the trend we are in. If we do not it could get away from us if it has not already.

  8. I believe all Americans should have the right to own a gun and to defend their home, their property and their business but I am not in favor of seeing everyone with a gun in their back pocket. I believe we need stronger screening for permits to buy guns. I think we need stronger training and screening for permits to conceal a weapon. I do not believe that the average home owner needs a machine gun or a bazooka to be safe. I believe we need to find ways to reduce guns by gangs and crooks. I think we need strong penalties for using a gun in any form of violence. I do not believe someone who has abused someone should be able to buy a gun, nor should criminals who have been convicted.

  9. Good jobs that pay more than the poverty level are necessary to move people from poverty to prosperity. Tax incentives, educational and training programs, more family counseling for disadvantaged family members, more awareness for job information, more centers that assist in working with low income citizens, more leadership and self awareness programs for individuals, and more job training programs for teenagers will help hopefully.

Thank you for your concerns. If I can ever be of help as a consultant just let me know.

Jim Hennager




January 1, 2015


Welcome to 2015.

My name is Jim Hennager. I, with Dr. Mary Krieg, ran for governor and Lt governor in this last election with the New Independent Party Iowa, along with a number of students who ran for office. We received 10,500 votes for fourth place. We did not raise any money nor did we spend any money. We did not take any money from special interests. We are not bought and paid for by any special interest other than the people of Iowa.

The New Independent Party came out of my college classes in social problems. My students identified the major political, economic and social problems facing Iowa, USA and the world and we formed the New Independent Party to move to finding solutions to these problems.

In Iowa we have close to 700,000 registered voters who are independent and you may be one of them. That is why I am writing to you. There must be an important reason why you identify yourself as independent. In the past you have basically been forced to vote for republican or democratic candidates and yet nothing has changed. You know what they say about a person who continues to do the same thing but expects a completely different outcome each time.

We know that among the 700,000 independents in Iowa that we may never agree on every issue. We are not all of the same stripe. We all have different issues and priorities in our life that are important to us. But I would like you to consider a simple truth. At 700,000 we independents have more voters than the republicans or the democrats. If we decided to come together we could create and move mountains in Iowa. We could move Iowa in new directions. We could move to solve many of the problems we have in Iowa and the USA. In fact, almost every state has more independents than republicans or democrats. So why have we not come together? It is time.

Okay, we may never agree on every political issue but lets see if you agree with the following basic statements:

  1. Democracy in the United States is in deep trouble as elections are being taken over by the money related to special interests. Big pharma, big medicine, big ag, big military, big banks and big organized crime and their money are buying influence in local, state and our national government. Our political candidates are bought and paid for. Special interests are allowed to even write special legislation and rules to protect and enhance their interests. We are no longer government for the people, by the people and of the people. We have become government for the special interests, by the special interests and of the special interests. Billions of dollars were spent in this last election to influence who got elected and what issues and legislation will be moved forward. Special interests were even allowed to inject riders, at the very last minute, into the federal fiscal spending bill that benefited their own special interests at the expense of all of us.

  2. Government has become too big, expensive and intrusive. In 1970 the total cost of government in Iowa was $2 billion and in 2014 we are at $34 billion but we remain with about the same number of people in Iowa. How can that happen? Special interests and their interests. We can reorganize Iowa government to lower the cost and lower our taxes in Iowa and at the federal level. We can see that everyone pays their fair share of taxes. We can protect individual rights and privacy in an electronic age and we can reduce the amount of regulations and rules that have grown up like weeds.

  3. The US economy is in serious trouble. We can not sustain our national debt. We can not sustain an economy based on credit. We can not sustain an economy where two people work for every person who is retired or does not work. We can not sustain an economy that is not replacing its dying with new births. We can not sustain an economy that is run by five giant banks and a federal reserve dedicated to their survival and not ours.

  4. We can not lead the Free World by guns and bullets. We must lead by diplomacy and cooperative economic opportunity for everyone. Instead of being the White Hats of the world we have become the Evil Empire to many in the world. We are not safer from terrorism by being a bully, in fact, we are less safe today then we were twenty years ago. We can not lead by economic sanctions against other nations nor can we expect every nation to do our bidding. We are not exceptional. We are one of many in a universe that has no known limits. We are our brothers keepers. We are stewards of our planet. The future belongs to those that cooperate rather than need to dominate.

How can we accomplish all of this?

  1. We do not take any money from any special interests. We will not be bought or sold. Our funding comes from our members only.

  2. We are not a “old boys club”. We welcome anyone concerned about our state and nation.

  3. All members are treated equal. All members have a voice. We move forward by consensus.

  4. We do not believe that government should be expected to solve all of our problems. We want to be a part of the solutions. We want to create businesses and jobs. (100,000 micro farms and businesses in Iowa) We want to create the New Independent Credit Union to offer up to six percent interest on savings and create business opportunities in all 99 counties. We want to lower the cost of higher education by creating the New Independent College Credit Program at $30 per credit. We want to find quality jobs for the unemployed and underemployed in every county in every state. We want to protect our rivers and streams, our air and our soil. We want safe food and water. We want a medical care system based on wellness and care and not profits.

One stick can easily be broken or bent but a bundle of sticks can be like steel. We need people of steel will and a determination to move in new directions. We need you in the New Independent Party. We need you to commit to giving $5, $10, $20, $100 every month so we can move forward in Iowa and the USA. (We can not commit to hire people unless we know we have the money each month. ) We will not spend your hard earned money on political advertisements. We will invest it in projects that move us all forward. Your vote, your money and your involvement are what we need to move forward.

I ask you to go to our website below. Sign up. Commit to a monthly money gift. Get involved and be proud that you are a part of the future and not a passenger any more. Tell others.    2016 will be our year.

Go to www.newindependentpartyiowa.info

Thank you.


April 20, 2015



Dear Iowan

There is an old saying, “If you continue to do the same thing but keep expecting a completely different result, but actually keep getting the same result, you have gone insane.” American politics have gone insane and it will not change until the voters change who they vote for in 2016.

Hello, my name is Jim Hennager from Nevada, Iowa. I ran this last November for governor as a candidate with the New Independent Party of Iowa. We actually had four candidates on the statewide ballot and we garnered over 10,500 votes while not raising or spending a dime. My family and friends list is not this large so I know that there are at least 10,499 people in Iowa who are fed up with voting for either the Republicans or the Democrats. And you should be because voting for either party will never see any real changes in how democracy works in Iowa or the United States.

I would like you to join with us to change politics in Iowa and the USA. I know you have heard this song and dance before but let me give you some reasons why the New Independent Party is really different and how we can create real change.

The largest problem in American politics is the growing influence from special interest contributions to political candidates. Candidates will say that these contributions do not influence their voting but if you believe this I know of a bridge for sale.. We know that republicans and democrats have to take money from special interests to get elected and reelected. This is the political game these days. “The winner goes to he who raises the most coin.” And once elected these politicians not only allow special interests to influence how they vote, they actually invite special interests to write the legislation that will benefit them. We have seen it time and again.

The problems we face in Iowa and across our nation are directly related to the influence special interests have in our political process. You can take the growing pollution of our waters, air or soils as an example. You can take wars that have lasted over a decade as an example. You can take the health care system as an example. You can take the influence of big banks on our economy as an example. You can take the largest national debt in history as an example. We now live with Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Banks, Big War, Big Ag, Big Chemical, and Big Unions having far more influence than the rest of us voters.

Since the US Supreme Court has upheld that corporations can give as individuals and that donations can be raised by secret political action committees we see these special interests dominating political decisions unless someone changes the playing field. The New Independent Party has a way to change how politics are done in America.

Solution: We ask that candidates of the New Independent Party voluntarily agree not to raise or spend any money as individual candidates. “If our candidates do not raise or spend any money they can not be influenced by any special interests except the people they represent.”

How are our candidates going to get elected if they do not raise any money? First, all of our candidates agree to run as a team with our state and county organizations supporting all of our candidates in advertising and promoting them. County, state and the national organizations will do all of the fund raising and promote all candidates through cooperative advertising when we need it.

We do not believe we will need a lot of money for advertising because we ask that you support our county, state and national efforts by agreeing to automatically give each month $5, $10, $20, $100 or whatever you can afford. You are the person we want our elected politician to represent. Giving a donation each month is a cheap way to insure political change in Iowa and the United States. Instead of; “By the special interest, for the special interest and of the special interest” we want America returned to; “By the People, for the People and of the People.” We can make this change.

Second, in Iowa there are actually over 700,000 registered independents. You may be one of them. There are actually MORE registered independents than registered democrats or republicans in Iowa and in almost every state, and this percentage is growing in almost every state. If we simply joined together we could win every election just by sheer numbers. We have the mailing addresses to over 700,000 independents in Iowa but to write to them we need to raise at least $350,000 to send each a letter like this one. Raising money to send these letters is our first goal. We need your help.

We really do not see the need to waste huge amounts of campaign spending on advertising each election. We would rather see these funds used to benefit Iowa by creating jobs, job training, supporting new businesses and business expansion, new recreational sites, new cultural events, and more care for our aging population. We do not believe that government has to be the only solution to improving the quality of life in Iowa or the United States. We do not see politics as an effort to raise money and win elections every other year. We see the New Independent Party as a moving force in improving the lives of not only our members but all residents of Iowa and the United States, rather than using government to improve the profits for special interests.

Another problem in American politics is the cost of government. In the last forty years the total cost of government in all states and as a nation has sky rocketed. Much of this giant increase can be tied to special interests. Government at all levels have become profit centers for special interests.

Governments get larger and more expensive by the year. In 1970 the total cost of government in Iowa was around $2 billion but this year it is over $34 billion and we have only added a small percentage of new people to Iowa’s population. Government spending is a huge boat anchor on our economy. For every dollar spent on government we have taken $4 to $5 from every community as each dollar is not allowed to move from grocery store, to gas station, to the hardware store. Every dollar we can reduce government spending we add new dollars to each local economy.

The New Independent Party wants to set limits to government spending. For example, we see no reason why our national government can not exist with 15% of gross national product. We see no reason why our state government can not exist with 15% of state gross product. We are presently spending over 20% for both state and national budgets. We want to reduce government spending. We want to reduce taxes. Governments can operate on less by being more accountable, by being more efficient, by consolidating and reorganizing. Spending and taxes will come down because the New Independent Party will not be paid for by special interests.

A third area of concern is that we believe everyone should pay their fair share of the costs of government. Today we have corporate 500 companies that do not pay a dime in taxes. We have individuals who do not pay a dime. We want to move to where everyone pays 15% of income to national taxes and another 15% to their state and local taxes, with no exceptions and no deductions. We want capital gains and inheritance to be 15%. We want all corporations to pay 15% of gross revenue to national and state taxes with no exceptions and no deductions. If our cost of government is held to 15% then our taxes should be held to 15% for state and 15% to federal taxes.

A fourth area of concern is that we are getting life long political professionals with gold plated health insurance, life long retirement benefits, and special privileges. These have to stop. We want all of our candidates to voluntarily limit their time in any political position to 12 years, and we want the top positions in every government department to be limited to 12 years.

We do not expect every independent voter to agree on every political, economic or social issue. We want diversity and open discussions on all issues. What we want is agreement on how we run democracy in America. The above changes can be started in 2016. We can change politics in America and in Iowa but only with your help. Please go to our website and register as a new member and sign up to donate whatever amount you can each month. Your dollars will return you with lower taxes and more representation. Do not go insane by voting for the other parties. Join Us.

Jim Hennager                                   www.newindependentpartyiowa.info

Box 234                                             www.newindependentpartyusa.info

Nevada, Iowa 50201          515-598-2256      jchennager@gmail.com

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