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Jim Hennager Candidate for US Senate/Iowa/2016 New Independent Party of Iowa

I ask you to give me your feedback by clicking on the items you support with a check and an X through the ideas you do not. Then send back to me at P.O. Box 234 Nevada, Iowa 50201. (Remember the stamp.) You can also scan, copy, fill out the below survey and return to Thank you.


(Our government needs to get its house in order)

  1. ____We support calling for a National Financial Emergency and move to a balanced federal budget by requiring ALL departments and contractors to the Federal Government to reduce their budgets by one percent per month until federal revenues equal federal expenditures.
  2. .____We estimate that this will require approximately a $30 billion a month reduction in spending across the board in EVERY department and EVERY contract, possibly for 18 months.
  3. ____Cuts in personnel will start at the top and go down rather than last in first out. Those people losing their job will be eligible for special unemployment benefits, including education and retraining, and those employers who hire these people will get special hiring tax incentives. Job counseling to be provided for anyone being cut or who might want to take early retirement.
  4. ____ The total federal budget should move to a target of 15% of GNP.
  5. ____ ALL federal departments, contracts and the Federal Reserve must submit to deep compliance annual audits. No more secret budgets or secret transfers of funds between departments. No more unrelated funding amendments attached to bills. No more pork or ear marks
  6. ____ All bills having a majority approval by any US House or Senate committee must go to the floor for a final vote.
  7. ____ All committee chairs MUST rotate by seniority every two years and committee chairs may not veto any bill. No top of the mountain strategies are to be allowed by Congress. Leadership of any party can not demand, coerce, or blackmail members to control final votes on any bill on the floor.
  8. ____All bills have to be presented to the public for feedback at least 30 days before any final vote on a national congressional website that allows citizen feedback on each bill coming before congress. No fast track bills unless a national emergency is declared by 60% of both House and Senate. Special Interests must present their input and recommendations by the same national website and do so publicly.
  9. ____ No sitting House or Senator may approach any special interest group, company or individual asking for campaign funds at any time. No sitting House or Senator may take any form of gift, gratuity, stocks, bonds, real estate or promise there of to influence legislation. Penalty for doing such will be an automatic 15 year sentence, eligible for parole in three and a life time of structured parole.
  10. ____ All candidates for US House or Senate must not take more than $1500 from any individual contributor from their voting district, limit contributions to individuals only and have less than ten percent from outside their voting district.
  11. ____ All elected politicians, plus all federal judges, including Supreme Court Justices, shall limit their service in any one office to 12 years voluntarily.
  12. ____All of the above to be institutionalized by Special Legislation passed by both the House and Senate as Procedural Reform Legislation, not requiring any Constitutional Amendment.

FEDERAL TAXES (Everyone needs to pay their fair share.)

13.____We support a flat tax of 18% for EVERYONE, rich, poor and businesses, on all incomes, with the only deductions coming from contributions to Individual Retirement Account, Individual Medical Account, Individual Benefit Account. No other deductions or exceptions.

14.____ Business pay on revenue earned and not profits.

15.____ All incomes and revenue must pass through a registered bank or credit union account with automatic tax payments.

16.____ All incomes and revenue must pass through this registered account.

17.____ No annual tax filing. No IRS just a tax oversight department for cheaters. Automatic 15 year sentence for cheating, eligible for parole in three years, on good behavior, and the remaining sentence served under supervised parole.

NATIONAL DEBT PAYMENT (We have to pay off our debt.)

18.____Annual Federal tax revenue has historical remained at 18% of GNP (Gross National Economic Activity) so that is why we set tax revenues at 18% of incomes and revenues, and expenditures at 15% of GNP with the 3% difference going to pay down the national debt.

19.____We support having the US Treasury Department issue a SILVER CERTIFICATE in the amount of the total federal debt with certificates given to national debt holders, wiping out all previous debt instruments and canceling all interest paid on our national debt. The SILVER CERTIFICATE to be collateralize by a Congressional Pledge of Preferred Status of Federal Surplus Funds generated by the bringing the federal budget into balance plus any annual surplus going first to those holding SILVER CERTIFICATES. We estimate that this will take 20 years to bring our national debt to zero.

20.____Congress MUST pledge to never allow a future national debt except in national emergencies approved by a 60% vote of the US House and US Senate.

US CONSTITUTION (We need to stick with our constitution.)

21.____We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

22.____We believe the constitution is envisioning a three part federal organization that is like the Board of Directors of our nation in providing for justice, making laws, setting polices and standards, promoting general welfare, securing liberty and prosperity and protecting the United States but is not involved in day to day operations such as retirement, health care, day care, food stamps, social welfare and education. We believe these activities are not part of the federal government except to set standards and provide guidelines.

23.___We believe that Social Security is bankrupt and needs to be phased out by 2040 and replaced by Individual Retirement Accounts managed by a nonprofit entity that works through the new national bank system where these funds remain the individual’s and never the government’s money, where the national bank system pays a guaranteed 6% on all monies invested to include both individual and employers funds. These funds can be used for emergencies, econimc development, education and medical expenses.

24.___ We believe that all present health care programs will fail and need to be phased out by 2020. These need to be replaced by regional health care and wellness nonprofit cooperatives that provide pooled self insurance, health care advocacy, proactive wellness programs with incentives and rewards for staying healthy. We need Individual Health Care Accounts that reward wellness and healthy lifestyles.

25.___ We believe that there needs to be regional nonprofit cooperative exchanges for Individual Benefit Accounts that will allow individuals to set aside money for life insurance, retirement insurance, and legal services that are exempt from federal taxes.

NATIONAL BANKING SYSTEM (We need a new approach to banking.)

26.___If a deep audit of the Federal Reserve indicates it is bankrupt we need to organize a national system of federal nonprofit banks that are controlled by publicly elected voting members in each state and governed through six regional offices. These state and regional national banks should collect all taxes, and maintain registered accounts through publicly owned banks for every individual. All excess funds need to be offered back to the states for economic growth, medical and social programs and education programs. The national banks should also be responsible for setting national banking rules and regulations, setting prime interest rates (3%), paying off the Silver Certificates and national debt, and protecting the financial solvency of the United States. Banks should not be allowed to use customer money for investments, use leverage, or sell derivatives. Selling short for stocks and bonds needs to be outlawed.

CAMPAIGN FINANCE REFORM (Something has to change or we will loose democracy.)

27.____All candidates must voluntarily pledge to not accept more than $1500 from only individual with at least 90% coming from within their district.

28.____All contributions must be reported to a public website within two weeks of any donation.

29.____ Local, state and national political organizations voluntarily will accept donations up to a limit of $30,000 from individuals only from within the USA. All contributions will be reported on a public website. 30.____Political Action Committees may represent corporations, special interests and advertise their opinions on issues and candidates but may not be linked to any candidate.

31.____ All candidates on the ballot must be allowed in any publicly held debates.

32.____ National and state governments must provide a public website that includes accurate standardized information on all candidates on any ballot for public information.

33.____Negative advertising must voluntarily be stopped by all candidates as well as national, state or local campaign organizations.

34____ Candidates and political organizations shall have the right to sue anyone sponsoring a negative advertisement that can be shown to be dishonest, deliberately damaging and misleading by the same standards that business advertising must be honest and provable. Penalties can be fines and imprisonment up to 15 years.


35.____The Federal Government shall reorganize into the following six departments:

National Defense

National Intelligence

National Safety

National Treasury

National Social Services

National Administrative Services

36.____ National Defense shall merge army, navy, air force, and marines into one organization. National Intelligence shall merge all NSA, NIS, CIA operations into one organization.

37.____National Safety shall merge all FBI, DEA, INS, Coast Guard, Marshall services, Homeland Security and FEMA into one organization.

38.____National Treasury shall take over Federal Reserve responsibilities and be responsible for a national system of nonprofit banks to receive taxes and maintain registered accounts within each state. These banks will pay six percent interest on all 401k retirement type accounts and provide funds for economic development within their state at 8 to 10%.

39.____National Social Services shall merge all food stamp, unemployment benefits, housing programs, supervise all nonprofit health care and wellness exchanges, as well as supervise all individual retirement accounts, individual medical accounts and individual benefit accounts.

40.___National Administrative Services shall coordinate all nonprofit programs in space and ocean research, energy and environmental services, national parks services, educational services, national highway and infrastructure services, all accounting and compliance audits, as well as support budget making, legislation creation and foresight projections on all pending legislation.

ABORTION AND CONTRACEPTION (We need to get reasonable on this issue.)

41.___Any woman, of any age, shall have the right to terminate her pregnancy in the first tri-semester by a registered medical provider, including procedures done by internet services and the day after medication. A pregnancy that reaches the second tri-semester needs to have the signed approval by two physicians that the pregnancy has a medical problem with either the woman or the fetus. Pregnancies that reach the third tri-semester needs to have both a medical approval by two physicians and a judges ruling that the pregnancy involves rape, incest or there are some over riding circumstances.

42.____ A woman has the right to donate her fetus for medical purposes or decide on its disposal. Non profit and religious organizations have the right to offer pregnant women their services to ask the pregnant woman to keep their fetus to full term and provide the child for adoption paying for reasonable costs, but not as a reward or to incur a money incentive. This information must come in written form and can not be forced on anyone.

43.____ All forms of contraception shall be provided in all medical health care and wellness programs to both males and females of any age without consent of parents. Sex Education shall be a part of all public school programs for both males and females starting in middle school ages.

44.____ Child support for biological fathers may be deducted from the father’s salary and wages up to twenty percent until the child is 18 if authorized by a court.

ENVIRONMENT (We must be the stewards of our planet.)

45.____The Federal Government should set laws, policies and regulations at safe standards for land, water and air quality as well as reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. We want to see goals of 90% of our nations energy supply coming from renewable resources by 2030, as well as 90% of our transportation fuels

coming from renewable energy by 2030 and 90% of our waste products being recycled by 2030.

46____Those companies not complying with these standards need to be held accountable with fines and prison. t

47.____ We accept the responsibility of humans and their actions on global warming, and we ask that humans through governments move to lower pollution and emissions standards that will assist in keeping global warming from increasing when ever and where ever possible.

48.____We do not accept that humans are the only factor in causing the global warming of planet earth today. We believe there are much larger variables that have repeated themselves on our planet throughout history such as a rise in inner earth temperatures due to sun changes, our own electromagnetic field changes, and possibly other influences from our solar system so that we may have minimal influence as humans. We do ask that governments and our government be honest with us and give us guidance as to how we can adjust and survive any major calamity that might come our way, so that the everyone has the same chances of survival. We want governments to take proactive actions to protect all citizens.

GUNS (We are not the wild west anymore.)

49.____ We believe the federal government has the right to control gun ownership for all weapons that are automatic, of military use, and a danger to the public.

50.____ We believe the Second Amendment when it talks about trained militias does not give the right for individuals to bear military arms, only national and state guard units.

51.___We do believe that individuals have the right to own small arms, rifles, shotguns, hunting weapons and their ammunition and that governments do not have the right to confiscate them except when an individual has committed a felon or is involved in domestic abuse.

52.____ We believe that research about gun issues needs to be allowed and brought forward.

53.____We do not believe we are still the wild west and allowing everyone to carry a personal weapon does not adds to the public safety, and in fact it raises the probability of innocent people and children being killed.

54.____We fully support the confiscation of all weapons from anyone who commits a felony, is a member of any gang with a history of gun violence, or anyone who threatens the safety of the public. We support expanded background checks before buying any weapon and a more restrictive policy toward permits to carry.

PRIVACY AND INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS (We need to stop being insane on this.)

55.____We do not believe the federal or state government has the right to mass surveillance of its citizens.

56.____ We want any kind of surveillance to be crime related and having a legal warrant.

57.____We want to disband any kind of secret courts on surveillance.

58.____We do not believe the US government has the right to arrest anyone without due process and a speedy trial. 59.____We do not believe the US government has the right to kidnap people in foreign lands or in the USA, imprison them in secret jails, or torture for information.

60.____We do not believe the US government has the right to kill innocent people or Americans by assassination or by targeting them from drones any where.

61.____We want the prisoners being held at Guantanamo to be released or tried within 90 days.

62.____We want marijuana, hemp and other natural drugs legalized and controlled by states. We want past arrests and sentences for these drugs, if non violence involved to be reduced and paroles given. We want mandatory sentences to be eliminated.

63.____We want a ban on capital punishment and life without parole, and for adults the maximum sentence should be 30 years and for juveniles it should be 15 years.

64.____We want anyone 18 to be treated like an adult with all privileges, including alcohol, gambling, contracts and ownerships, as well as right to run for all public offices.

65.____We want anyone under 18 to be treated as an juvenile. No trying juveniles as adults.

66.____We want our justice system to be prevention orientated rather than punishment orientated by requiring drug, alcohol and other addictions to be treated first with medical approaches, juveniles treated holistically with family counseling involved in treatment programs.

67.____We want police to be public servants and to work with the public to reduce crime and violence.

68.____ We do not support militarizing local or state police.

69.____ We do not support using national military to arrest or detain any American citizen.

70____ We want all FEMA detention centers turned into economic development centers, and a promise from our government that US citizens will never be involuntarily detained in mass.

71.____ We want organized crime to be gone after, and anyone associated with organized crime and gangs that are involved in crime to get serious jail time.

72.____ We want all acts of government corruption, coercion, misinforming, deception to be prosecuted.

73.____ We do not support that any government official or department has the right to lie or deceive the American public. All past events should be open for public review.

74.____ We want the amount of government information being classified and not available to the public to be dramatically reduced, to only that information that is national threat to security.

PROACTIVE GOVERNMENTS (We do not need a crystal ball, just some common sense.)

75..___We see our federal government as being reactive to events and issues rather than proactive and responsive to all citizens, so we are asking that our government dramatically reduce legislative influence by special interests and their campaign contributions; and provide Foresight Audits, as well as opportunities for public input on all legislation as well as review all grandfather legislation.

76.___ We want to see an end to the foreign policy position that the US is Number 1 in the world, that we are exceptional, that we have special privileges, that we have god on our side. 77.___ We want a foreign policy that says we are a member of the world community, that we accept a leadership role in helping other nations develop economically, socially and politically, if they ask us, and not for economic gains solely on our side.

FOREIGN POLICY (No more war. Let’s give peace a try.)

78.___ We do not believe that the US has been at war over 200 years of the last 220 years to ‘ protect democracy, fight terrorists, destroy weapons of mass destruction or build democracy; in fact, we believe that most of the wars we have been involved have been wars for profits for the military industrial complex and powerful banks. We want no more wars.

79.___ We offer the military industrial complex the opportunity to invest in peace rather than war, by inviting them to be contractors and investors to an international mass transit system

of underground tubes that can carry people, products and ideas to every country and every major city, plus over 20,000 new communities along its path by 2050. These cities can

accommodate over 5 billion people by 2050 with food, water, housing, education, health care,

jobs and security for everyone living in them. These underground tubes can be developed

underneath present interstate and major highways around the world. These tubes can carry gas,

oil, water safely, at the bottom; as well as provide for high speed electric vehicles, on the main

level; and a hyper speed vehicles within smaller tubes at the top. The entire mass transportation

system and communities can be an employee owned enterprise with half of the fees and profits

going to its members, 25% going to investors, and 25% to the countries involved. A win/win

nonzero sum future for everyone. We want this transportation system called Peace Highway.

80.___ We want all weapons of mass destruction reduced dramatically within ten years and gone from earth by 2050.

81.___ We want the five permanent seats of the United Nations Security Council phased into all rotating seats. No more nation vetoes. We have to learn to trust each other. 82.___ We want to see an end to expecting the USA to be the world’s policeman and to have the United Nations take on this role with military contributions from all nations.

83.___ We want war outlawed world wide. We want slavery outlawed worldwide. We want sex trade outlawed, as well as any discrimination based on race, creed, culture, religion, age, disabilities or sexual preferences; and we want the United Nations to enforce these. 84.___ We want the United Nations to develop an international currency (with real value), an international language, international system of measurements, and an international passport system of identification so goods, people and ideas can move anywhere freely on our planet. We are not advocating for any one world government and we do not support any attempt by the rich and powerful to form a top/down world order. We do however see that as our planet becomes more interdependent that all nations need to work together and that we need to develop a bottom/up approach, or a nonzero sum organization of these inter dependencies.

85.___ We want each nation to develop a comprehensive process for immigration that allows nations to control their borders but also provides for a legal process for employers to seek foreign workers and for foreign workers to apply and get work permits for jobs. We are opposed to mass immigration and mass deportations. We are all human. We all deserve respect.


a. ___ Iowa has gone from a total cost of government in 1970 of $3.2 billion to a total cost in 2015 of $32.4 billion with less than a ten percent increase in population. Iowa needs to bring its total cost of government down to less than 15% of its gross state product or a total cost of about $22 billion.

b.____ What is happening is that with federal costs of government and state costs of government so high and real wages have not gone up the average American is living pay check to pay check and has no discretionary money. Our economy is stagnant because of lack of money and money not moving around. By lowering the cost of government we believe our economy can begin to improve again.

c.____We believe that Iowa can reduce its cost of government by (1) reorganizing from 99 counties to six regional centers of government. (We no longer need to drive a horse and buggy to a county seat.) We then reduce to six clerks, six recorders, six treasurers, six sheriffs and etc. We combine sheriffs and highway patrol. We do government business by computer and the Internet, (2) we move to six regional public schools systems with six superintendents but keep individual school districts by identity with their own school boards but we bring the Area Education Agencies into these six regional centers. (3) we move to having six regional centers of higher education by merging community colleges into six centers with three new state universities for a total of six comprehensive adult training and education centers, (4) we ask the regional centers for government to take over most of the duties of Iowa’s 950 town clerks, (5) we set a salary/wage cap of $120,000 for all state employees, including professors and college administrators. (6) we replace college student loans with college work grant opportunities for all students by supporting business incubators to hire students at all regional centers of higher education, (7) we offer reduced tuition to students (instate/out of state and international students to remain in Iowa at least five years after graduation, (8) we eliminate out of state tuition and foreign student tuition rates so that all students pay the same, (9) we set the taxes on energy and fuel to equal the amount needed to repair all highways and bridges in Iowa, (10) we dramatically lower the number of prison inmates by expanding life time parole as a positive support for released inmates.

d.___ We need to move from our present system of public education which is outdated and non effective to a new system of individualized competency based learning in four year cohorts starting at age three and going through age 18. We need to move to a system of Master Teachers who have completed a 60 graduate credit program of higher learning skills with a starting salary of $48,000 on eleven months contracts with all public school teachers receiving the same salary matrix and same benefits. School needs to start at 8 am and go to 4 pm 220 days a year with the month of August off for all public students. No students shall be allowed a social pass to another level. Peer learning, super learning, mastery learning, real life problem solving concepts shall replace rout learning. We need to provide more assistance to second language students. We need to be number one in public education of our young people.

e.____Iowa needs a system of nonprofit credit unions in every county and major city to offer 4 to 6 percent interest on savings accounts, higher reserves and having gold as a partial reserve to protect customers, but also provide a wide host of services such as financial, legal, employment, real estate, insurance, health care and wellness, and retirement services.

f.____ The funds that come into these local credit unions needs to be invested in new business, expansion of business and the development of new micro farms for rural economic development with the goal of creating 100,000 new retail and manufacturing jobs within ten years and 1000 new small family farms in each of 99 counties within ten years. ( We grow enough corn, beans, and hogs. What we need are more families.)

g.____ We only support a small increase in the minimum wage as we believe the best way to increase salaries and wages is to move to employee owned companies where more than 50% of profits go back to all employees. We do not believe that raising minimum wages will be beneficial as it usually leads to reduced hours, lay offs and existing businesses closing. Employee owned companies can adjust to changing economic and market conditions with nonzero sum strategies.

h.____ We believe the Iowa government needs to set clear standards for soil, wind, air and water in our state as we do not believe that voluntarily strategies are working. These standards need to be set high.

i____We want Iowa government to require clear labeling of all consumer food products as to GMO as well as use of any chemicals used in processing, storing and distribution of food products.

j.____ We want a state wide ban on the use of fluoride in city water and restrictions on use of urban chemicals.

k.___ We want a centralized economic development office that benefits all business and not just big businesses.

l.____ We want to see a million trees planted in Iowa every year to reduce wind erosion and help beautify Iowa.


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