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If you want a better government in the United States of America and in Iowa we ask you to invest it in.  Become involved.  Volunteer your time, ideas, experience and contributions.

We are a member association called the New Independent Association.  Membership is open to any one.  We do not discriminate on the basis of age, sex, culture, religion, ethnicity, sexual preference, or race.

We have three classes of membership.  A general member can be of any age and does not contribute money but may volunteer their time and agrees to receive our newsletters and updates.  General members are eligible for all county and states services offered by the New Independent Association.  General members may vote electronically in all website and printed surveys on platforms and issues.  General members may vote for candidates leading up the our state convention and they may attend state conventions and statewide meetings.  The New Independent Association is a non profit corporation where no one has more than one vote or ownership.

Active supporting members of the New Independent Association agree to donate at least $10 or more per year.  We ask our candidates not to raise or spend any funds and thereby not be influenced by special interest money; but to make this feasible our own Active members must donate money to their county and state organization to provide statewide team advertising and cover campaign costs.  Because we want to bring the cost of government down and taxes down we figure any investment in donations to our organization may give you a very good return on your investment.

We strongly encourage Active members to give $10 a month as an automatic donation.  If you are under 25 or over 65, or not able to give $10 a month we encourage you to give at least $10 a year and as much as possible each month.  We will report all gifts of $200 or more to state and federal campaign offices.  Because your contribution does not go directly to any one candidate it is our interpretation that you have no limits on what you can give to state, national or county wide political organizations.  We operate as a political action committee and as a lobby for the New Independent Party.  Active members must be eligible to vote in the next election.  Active supporting members may also get paid for recruiting new members.

Vested members of the New Independent Association are Active members who have earned 3000 membership points or more and have been formally accepted by their county committee. Membership points may be earned by a number of methods and each county chairperson is responsible for logging them.

Membership in the New Independent Association is a gateway to membership in any of our subdivisions including the New Independent Party; and to  New Independent Credit Unions, New Independent Learning Centers, New Independent Small Businesses, New Independent Farms, New Independent Health Care, New Independent Retirement programs as they might develop in your area.  We do not see ourselves as just a new political party but as a comprehensive 24/7/365 days a year service association.  We are here as a good neighbor working as a neighbor for you.  Thank you for joining.

Send checks to :
New Independent Party USA
P.O. Box 234 Nevada, Iowa 50201

Please send your name, address and email address with any donation.

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