Action Plan

  1. Organize the independents and nonvoting citizens into a majority voting bloc.
  2. Run candidates for office from dog catcher to president.
  3. Individual candidates pledge:
    • Not to raise money from any source and not to spend money as an individual candidate.
    • Work with their state party to promote a cooperative statewide identity.
    • Pledge to not seek reelection after 12 years in any office.
    • Pledge to honor any recall vote in their district against them.
    • Pledge to honor any referendum or petition coming from their district.
    • Pledge not to take any gifts, contributions, bribes, trips, or special insider offers.
    • Pledge to honor the rotation of committee chairs and allow all issues a vote in committees.
    • Pledge not to vote on any issue without prior public input and foresight feedback.
  4. Accept salaries and benefits from the New Independent Party not to be above $120,000 per year for any office members may be elected. Return to the concept of elected officials being citizen diplomats rather than privileged elites.
  5. The New Independent Party USA will form a membership association where to be a member each will pay $10 a month into their state’s organization ($5 a month for students and senior citizens). These funds will be used to pay salaries and benefits of its state and county staff plus used to create incentives for companies to hire new employees and create new business and environmental opportunities as well as maintain ongoing projects.
  6. Each state will promote all of their state’s New Independent Party candidates in
    cooperate advertising and promotions….with no individual promotions. Individual candidates will not raise funds or expend funds on their own behalf, nor be allowed to loan themselves any funds. Travel and other costs will come from the state funds.
  7. No NIP candidate will be involved in negative campaign tactics or negative advertising, nor will they attack any opponent in debates or personally.
  8. Each state will develop their own candidates in a statewide convention in which any member has the right to run for any office they feel they have something to
    contribute. The state organization will produce and distribute bio information for all of their candidates as well as that of their competition.
  9. Each state will develop a statewide platform of critical issues by consensus at their state convention, and all candidates will be expected to sign a pledge of support for these issues.
  10. Each state organization will maintain a state website in which all of their members will be allowed to provide electronic feedback on any issue on their platform or whenever an issue might come before their state legislature. Similar feedback will be provided for all national and international issues. The data from these feedbacks will be shared with all elected officials and the public.
  11. State organizations of the NIP will not just be an election year effort but actually will be involved in state and local projects related to environment, public services, health care, elderly care, education and recreation the year around.
  12. State organizations and the national associations may offer special incentives for members participation in travel, recreation, financial, banking, retail, educational, health care offerings that may benefit the association financially.
  13. Individual members may earn incentive points by volunteering their time,
    contributing to their association, running for office, being involved in continuing education and health care projects and for recruiting new members. These points may apply to an association retirement program, incentive rewards or a loan program based on the points each member has earned.
  14. We do not feel that we have to wait for government to do everything or solve every problem.   We want your involvement whether it is time, skills or donations.  We need your help in organizing neighborhood, community and county wide teams.   We don’t just want to be involved during election times but year around.   We believe that individuals can make a difference.  Meet new friends.  Help us make a difference.We plan to develop a point system for our members to earn points from their donations of money (one point per dollar), donating their time (ten points per hour), to running for any office (500 points) and accepting roles in county and state offices or committee leadership.  To encourage young people to vote we will reward them with 300 points every time they vote in public elections and 100 points to all other members.    Members can earn points for taking supporting college credit courses or participating in training programs.  Members can earn points by participating in group volunteer projects to clean up streams or neighborhoods.    All points will be managed by county chairs.   New members will become vested members upon earning 3000 points and being accepted by their county committee; and make them eligible for special incentives and rewards from our sister organizations the New Independent Credit Unions, New Independent Small Businesses, New Independent Learning Centers and New Independent Farms; as well as credits toward Individual Medical Accounts and Individual Retirement Accounts.  We will have three levels of member.  Our general members can belong by just signing up to receive newsletters and use our county services.  Active supporting members will give at least $10 per year or more to support our services and candidates in county and state elections, and they may get paid for recruiting new active members.  Vested members will be those that obtain 3000 or more points and are accepted by their county committee.  Vested members will be eligible to receive quarterly and annual dividends from surplus funds as voted by county and state New Independent Organizations that will operate as nonprofit membership organizations similar to membership golf courses.
  15. The NIP or its associations will not reveal the identities of any of its individual members to any outside source, nor will they ever sell this information to an outside source.
  16. Each state organization and association will elect one statewide representative to be on the national committee. The national committee will have its own budget for national  candidates as well as national projects. These funds will come from each state’s budget as agreed by all of the states. The national committee will also develop a national platform to be agreed upon by all national candidates.
  17. The USA model for the NIP will be offered to representatives of any country that brings forward an interested group of members in that country. A percentage of the budgets for every state and national organization will be offered to an international level in which one member from each country will be elected to represent them. The international organization will develop a platform of issues to promote around the world based on our core values.

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  1. This is amazing and wonderful. I hope and pray that the next generations will step forward and lead us out of this horror we find ourselves in.. It is long past time for the old Gollums to get out of the way. I love the candidates pledge. Time banking is an outstanding and works well in places like Madison WI. They share their software free –

    I am proud to be a Trustee at Broadlawns Medical Center – We care for everyone who needs care – regardless.

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